Free Anti-DDOS protection included with every Dedicated or Colocated Server!

  • Standard free “Low Peak Protection”,  larger peak protection only when you need it (pay only what you need)
  • DDoS filtering up to more than 800Gbps+ attacks
  • Custom DDoS “filter-set” settings per protected IP subnet, contact us for more details and settings
  • By default the filter operates in in-line mode. Therefore the Anti-DDOS filter see the difference between clean (normal) and dirty (attack) traffic
  • No external scrubbing centers are used
  • Your datatraffic is safe in the Netherlands (Europe) resulting in the best possible latency
  • No Mbps data traffic overage fees
No upfront ordering, No subscription. You only pay for large peak attacks and only when you want the attack filtered.

During a large attack you can decide to buy protection or block the attacked ip address. We don’t work with subscriptions or packages. When you are being attacked and the attack is becoming too large for our standard free “Low Peak Protection” service, you can decide if you want the attack filtered. This way you are able to buy Anti-DDOS protection only when you really need it. It saves you committing to expensive packages or subscriptions. With every attack it is possible to buy extra protection or null the destination ip address.



  • 40Gbps AMS-IX
  • 40Gbps RETN international
  • 20Gbps NL-IX public peering
  • 20Gbps NL-IX Openpeering
  • 20Gbps Tinet – Gtt
  • 20Gbps Level3
  • 20Gbps Cogent
  • 20Gbps TATA communications
  • 20Gbps Hibernia

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Default DDoS attack defense functionality

  • Protocol abuse attack defense
    Defense against IP spoofing, LAND, Fraggle, Smurf, Winnuke, Ping of Death, Tear Drop, IP Option, IP Fragment Control Packet, TCP Label Validity Check, Large ICMP Control Packet, ICMP Redirect Control Packet and ICMP Unreachable Control Packet attacks.
  • Web attack defense
    Defense against HTTP Get Flood, HTTP Post Flood, HTTP Head Flood, HTTP slow header flood, HTTP Slow Post Flood, HTTPS Flood and SSL DoS/DDoS attacks.
  • Scanning and sniffing attack defense
    Defense against Port Scanning, IP Scanning, Tracert Control Packet, IP Option, IP Timestamp and IP Routing Record attacks.
  • DNS attack defense
    Defense against DNS Query Flood attacks from real or spoofed source IP addresses, DNS Reply Flood attacks, DNS Cache Poisoning attacks, DNS Protocol Vulnerability Exploits and DNS Reflection attacks.
  • Network-layer attack defense
    Defense against SYN Flood, ACK Flood, SYN-ACK Flood, FIN/RST Flood, TCP Fragment Flood, UDP Flood, UDP Fragment Flood, NTP Flood, ICMP Flood, TCP Connection Flood, Sockstress, TCP Retransmission and TCP Null Connection attacks.
  • SIP attack defense
    Defense against SIP methods Flood attacks.
  • DHCP attack defense
    Defense against DHCP Flood attacks.
  • Mobile attack defense
    Defensible DDoS attacks launched by mobile botnets, for example, AnDOSid/WebLOIC/Android.DDoS.1.origin.
  • Zombie, Trojan horse, worm and tools traffic blocking:
    Blocking of controlling traffic of active zombies, Trojan horses, worms, and tools, such as LOIC, HOIC, Slowloris, Pyloris, HttpDosTool, Slowhttptest,Thc-ssl-dos, YoyoDDOS, IMDDOS, Puppet, Storm, fengyun, AladinDDoS, and so on C&C DNS request traffic blocking
  • Feature-based filtering Blacklist
    HTTP/DNS/SIP/DHCP field-based filtering, and IP/TCP/UDP/ICMP/Other Protocol field-based and load feature-based filtering.

Serverius DC1 & Serverius DC2 in perspective

Key Points Ampleserver Datacenters:

We have listed some key points of our Network and Colocation provider Serverius.

  • The Serverius Datacenters are connected with multiple separate fiber backbone paths.
  • On-site engineers are 7 days a week available to assist Ampleserver with all kinds of remote support. This reduces the time needed for replacing hardware or installing software on location.
  • Free hardware installation: sent your hardware and we will install it free of costs!
  • Ampleserver has 24×7 independent access to the Datacenters, therefore we can always act without delay.
  • Serverius is the only network what is directly connected to the German and Dutch internet exchange. Most of the other Dutch networks have AMS-IX and DE-CIX connections, but they are all passing Amsterdam. Therefore it will give longer fiber paths and longer latency.
  • The only premium network in the center of the Netherlands. We can deliver up to 100G uplinks directly connected by multiple dark-fiber suppliers to other Amsterdam and German Datacenters.
  • Serverius DC2 is the only international based Datacenter in the Netherlands that is above sea level. It is build on ground what is above sea level, that means the entire building is completely above sea level.
  • The Serverius Datacenters are owned by a private family company for many years. There is no leasing, renting of buildings or external investors that increase the cost.