Twin Datacenter setup
By utilizing a Twin Datacenter setup it is possible to remove SPOF (Single Point of Failure) points to the next level. Not only can your network and servers be redundant but now also your datacenter location. Geographically separate locations make sure that in case of a disaster, services continue to run in the other datacenter. Both datacenters are connected to the internet and have private dark fiber paths in between.

100% uptime for every service
From backup servers to HA-cluster platforms, we provide Colocation and Managed Colocation services for every business case. Installation of servers, switches or a complete network is what we do and is now available in combination in a Dual Datacenter setup. We have Service Level Agreements available to make clear and professional guidelines in what Ampleserver manages for you.

Free premium datatraffic transport
Ampleserver has it’s own network ranges that are available in Serverius DC1 and DC2. Multiple /24 are available for (fair) usage, we use the RIPE policy to respect the usage of IPV4/IPV6 addresses. Transport between DC1 and DC2 is free of charge and can achieve speeds of over 10Gbps. Services that communicate and generate bandwidth with each other between these geographically separate locations are not billed in a Twin Datacenter setup. You only pay a fixed fee for the rental and usage of our Twin Datacenter solution.

Network hardware
Ampleserver it’s network and Serverius it’s network only utilize Top-tier brands for networking. The network is redundantly build up by Cisco and Juniper enterprise hardware.


  • 40Gbps AMS-IX
  • 40Gbps RETN international
  • 20Gbps NL-IX public peering
  • 20Gbps NL-IX Openpeering
  • 20Gbps Tinet – Gtt
  • 20Gbps Level3
  • 20Gbps Cogent
  • 20Gbps TATA communications
  • 20Gbps Hibernia

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Serverius DC1 & Serverius DC2 in perspective

Key Points Ampleserver Datacenters:

We have listed some key points of our Network and Colocation provider Serverius.

  • The Serverius Datacenters are connected with multiple separate fiber backbone paths.
  • On-site engineers are 7 days a week available to assist Ampleserver with all kinds of remote support. This reduces the time needed for replacing hardware or installing software on location.
  • Free hardware installation: sent your hardware and we will install it free of costs!
  • Ampleserver has 24×7 independent access to the Datacenters, therefore we can always act without delay.
  • Serverius is the only network what is directly connected to the German and Dutch internet exchange. Most of the other Dutch networks have AMS-IX and DE-CIX connections, but they are all passing Amsterdam. Therefore it will give longer fiber paths and longer latency.
  • The only premium network in the center of the Netherlands. We can deliver up to 100G uplinks directly connected by multiple dark-fiber suppliers to other Amsterdam and German Datacenters.
  • Serverius DC2 is the only international based Datacenter in the Netherlands that is above sea level. It is build on ground what is above sea level, that means the entire building is completely above sea level.
  • The Serverius Datacenters are owned by a private family company for many years. There is no leasing, renting of buildings or external investors that increase the cost.