Service Level Agreements

We at Ampleserver aim to reach 100% uptime for our network and hardware availability

Agreements and warranties relating to support and response times as well as the availability of your Private/Dedicated Server and the internet connection are therefore clearly defined in Service Level Agreements.


You are responsible for the technical management of your server. Any distortions after registration during office remedied within a maximum of 8 hours.

UNMANAGED 24×7 / 6

You are responsible for the technical management of your server. Any distortions after registration, day and night, rectified within a maximum of 6 hours.

MONITORED 24×7 / 6

You are responsible for the technical management of your server. Ampleserver monitors your server day and night, any disturbance to be rectified within a maximum of 6 hours.

MANAGED 24×7 / 4

Ampleserver is responsible for the complete technical management of your server. Your server will be monitored day and night, any irregularities are corrected within a maximum of 4 hours.

With a managed Private/Dedicated Server Ampleserver takes full technical management off your hands for your server(s) so you can concentrate on your core business. Would you prefer to manage your own server? Then choose a monitored Private/Dedicated Server. For complete freedom and access through DRAC or/and SSH or remote desktop, the Unmanaged SLA is the best choice.


We are always availabe when you need us. Contact us by e-mail, helpdesk or phone

Our employees are ready to assist you with problems and other issues you may have with your server or software. We try to help our customers on much more than just technical issues.


For all your questions and problems, you can always contact our helpdesk. We try to answer your questions always within the hour (business hours) or resolve your incident that you may have on your server.


All our servers are operated by the staff of Ampleserver or a Hands-on Technician from the Datacenter that the corresponding server is hosted at. No other person can access your or our servers. All our racks are private.


In case of an abuse incident, our staff ensures that the situation is effectively processed and resolved so no other customers are hindered.


We can manually or periodically apply updates to your server to ensure uptime and security. When we are not at the Datacenter, you can rely on the on-site support. This team of experienced engineers will assist in our work in all possible ways.

SLA P.P/Month
Unmanaged 8×5 – 8 hours Included
Unmanaged 24×7 – 6 hours € 49
Monitored 24×7 – 6 hours € 99
Managed 24×7 – 4 hours € 199
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Get your Free DDoS filter (up to 1Gbps) with each Dedicated or Colocation server! Protect your online services, free of charge with each server purchased or hired at Ampleserver. Currently our servers are protected up to 100Gbps attacks by a Anti-DDOS solution that is placed within the Datacenter, we do not use any external scrubbing solutions. In the worst scenario, we are able to black hole (null routing) ip-addresses on a call to action basis.

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Premium Network

All our servers are connected to a high-performance premium network near Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Our servers are connected to a mix of multiple transit and peering providers. Each transit provider is connected via multiple 10Gbit (or greater) connections and are part of a 250Gbps network where route parameters are not given, the shortest route to is always chosen. Testing and monitoring connections to national or international transit/peers can be done @

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About us

We at Ampleserver are all about delivering the best quality servers connected to a Dutch premium network against a cheap price! With over 20 years of experience in the hosting branche we can offer you reliable enterprise grade servers for your business. From single server solutions to tailor made private clouds. Offering the best new or refurbished servers from Dell, HP and SuperMicro. Please contact us for a quote for your desired server needs.
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